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Who We Are

Until 1850, the development of Education in Ghana (then Gold Coast), was entirely in the hands of the Christian Missions. The system was devoid of any cohesive national policy.

Government interest and participation in Ghana took centre stage between 1850 and 1925 with the passage of several Education Ordinances i.e. Governors Hill (1852), Row (1882), Griffith (1887) etc. etc. all aimed at correcting imbalances and injecting dynamism in the system.

Governor Row’s Education Ordinance among others, provided for the establishment of Industrial Schools followed by Agricultural ones. The needed impetus to those Industrial and Agricultural schools came with the introduction of the Governor Rodyer’s Education reforms of (1908 – 1919) which mandated Government to take direct interest in technical education.

Before 1900, the Government established agricultural stations in Aburi, Asuansi, Tarkwa and Kumasi to run courses for teachers and students and opened Accra Technical School in 1909 to provide courses in engineering, motor vehicle mechanics and building construction. By 1922 other government trade schools were opened in Yendi, Mampong, Kibi and Asuansi to provide training in masonry, carpentry, metal work and woodwork.

Overview of the Operations

The Technical Examinations Unit, as already stated, is mandated to conduct technical examinations at the Craft, Advanced Craft, Technician and Diploma (DBS) levels in Ghana.

The Unit, therefore, conducts, and awards certificates for the following examinations:

  • a) Final examination of technical institutions (both public and accredited private institutions).
  • b) Final examinations for the non-tertiary programmes of Polytechnic institutions including the Advanced Craft programmes, technician programmes and the Diploma in Business Studies (DBS).

In addition, there are other special programmes which are examined by the Technical Examinations Unit for government and private agencies. These programmes include:

  • a) Diploma in Public Finance and Accountancy, conducted at the request of Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for Institute of Accountancy Training.
  • b) Medical Equipment Technician II certificate examination conducted at the request of Valley View University.
  • c) Special Intermediate/Craft courses for GRATIS.